promote sustainable business practices

nurture the environmentally committed business sector

advocate for green policies

improve the environmental profile of economic activity in Western Mass

WMGC has many new Board members and all new officers .

Sean Jeffords has assisted in the development of a  new Board of Directors for the Western Mass Green Consortium.  Sean has stepped down from a leading role to focus his time and energies into healing from Lyme Disease related health concerns. We have appreciated his passion and commitment to the Consortium and know that we can count on him for maintaining the vision of Project Retrofit.

Our new Officers are President: Andrew Baker, Vice President: Nancy Bair, Treasurer: Deresa Helmes and Clerk: Alexandra Risley Schroeder.  Additonal Board Members are Mark Tajima, Ben Weil, Eric Wilson, Caroline Reynolds and Irene Winkelbauer.  Please check back for their bios and contact information which will be posted at a later date.  There are a few more openings for Board Member positions. If you are interested in becoming a member or needing additional information as to the requirements, please contact Nancy Bair –