promote sustainable business practices

nurture the environmentally committed business sector

advocate for green policies

improve the environmental profile of economic activity in Western Mass

About Project RetroFit

Project RetroFit is one of the central projects of the Western Mass Green Consortium, It was chosen for its amazing potential to build all sectors of the economy quickly, and sustainably.

Project RetroFit envisions a future in which Green Building and Energy Efficiency Retrofits are a mainstream building industry practice and cost-saving improvements are attainable for people of all income levels.

READ THE RECOVERY THROUGH RETROFIT REPORT A report that was created by Vice President Joe Biden’s Middle Class Task Force. It states clearly that a full economic recovery is possible through the retrofitting of our homes.

Saving Homeowners Money and Creating Jobs

These goals are achieved by providing education and information to the diverse community to:

* Stimulate market demand for Green Building (GB), Energy Efficiency (EE) and Alternative Energy (AE) in Western Mass and beyond
* Bridge communication gaps between contractors and newly trained workers
* Build a cross-sector collaboration to improve awareness and policies to support GB, EE and AE.

Click here to check out Project RetroFits headquarters and educational facility which highlights the work that can be done on a large scale.

Project Retrofit will benefit individuals, the environment, and the economy in the form of healthier and more efficient homes, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and the creation of many thousands of well-paying jobs.

Vision into the Future

The long-term goal of PRF is to create and perfect a replicable program model that can be used in other regions to accelerate the growth of green building, energy efficiency and alternative energy industries, with emphasis on restoring the existing building stock.

The Pioneer Valley is challenged by a lateral divide between the building retrofit training available for experienced building contractors and that for less experienced unemployed workers looking for new jobs. In addition, contractors have been skeptical of retrofit practices and have limited desire for training to develop the use of energy efficiency and advanced building techniques due to limited public demand for this type of work. Concurrently, newly trained energy efficiency workforce requires advanced construction knowledge and has begun to flood the market only to find there is little or no demand for their services.

Project Retrofit works within the broader structure of the WMGC to address these issues through cross-sector collaboration and community derived answers to problems that only we can know and solve—TOGETHER!!