promote sustainable business practices

nurture the environmentally committed business sector

advocate for green policies

improve the environmental profile of economic activity in Western Mass

Sponsorship Opportunities



The WMGC Board of Directors welcomes businesses, organizations and individuals who would like to align themselves with our non-profit all-volunteer organization by becoming a Green Night sponsor. Sponsorships provide funding for expenses for the WMGC, whose mission is to support sustainable living and building in western Massachusetts.

Green Night is our primary activity at which we offer networking and educational programs to educators, students, sustainable energy professionals, homeowners, policy makers, builders, trades people, local and state government officials, and anyone else interested.
Green Night Sponsors – Green Night Sponsors support Green Night programs at the Platform Sports Bar in Northampton, MA, on the second Wednesday of each month from 5pm – 7pm. You are eligible to be a Green Night Sponsor with a $150 donation. Benefits include:

  • A 5-minute presentation about your organization just prior to the Green Night program.
  • Your business name and logo emailed to our monthly list of over 2,500 self-chosen constituents.
  • A mention on our Facebook and Meet-Up social networking platforms.
  • Displaying your company banner at Green Night.
  • A permanent listing on our website, and a listing on our home page for the month of your sponsorship.

Sustainable Living Heroes – Sustainable Living Heroes are individuals, businesses and organizations who support the Western Mass Green Consortium for over $200, as a commitment to our sustainable energy future. If a Sustainable Living Hero would like to be a Green Night Sponsor, they are eligible for the sponsor benefits listed above.
To become a sponsor, please contact any board member about sponsorship opportunities:

You can mail your sponsorship contribution, payable to “WMGC” to:
Western Mass Green Consortium 
P. O. Box 65
S. Deerfield, MA 01373

Or make your sponsorship contribution by PayPal at this link. (Link will become active shortly.)

The Western Massachusetts Green Consortium is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
(EIN# 27-1346973). Sponsorships by companies may be tax deductible. Please check
with a tax advisor.

See list of Green Night sponsors with links to their sites from 2015 to present under “Sponsorship History.”